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Tech Gala

Pioneering Inclusivity at the Heart of Technopark. Join us as we invite businesses from
retail, real estate, and banking to this exclusive IT hub for an extraordinary event. 



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Tech Gala ,a one-day extravaganza within Kerala’s largest IT Park, welcomes brands to connect with a dynamic audience of 70,000+ professionals and captivate over 7,000 attendees. With a core audience of 1.5 lakh IT professionals and associated
beneficiaries, boasting substantial spending power, this event exposes your brand to diverse segments, including HNIs, women professionals, and a South India-wide audience. Tech Gala’s influential online and offline presence, with 1.3 lakh subscribers and a reach of 4 lakh professionals, offers unmatched visibility and impact opportunities in the tech and innovation sphere.


Technopark Campus, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

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Ready to boost your brand’s presence, connect with corporate audiences, and maximise both online and offline exposure, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is eager to provide comprehensive information, understand your unique brand needs, and tailor sponsorship packages to meet your specific goals.

High-Spending IT Community
Tap into a 70,000+ strong IT community with substantial spending power.
Total Technopark Branding
Encompass all Technopark phases, reaching an audience with a combined monthly salary disbursement of approximately 300 crores.
Managerial Engagement
Showcase your brand to 15,000+ high-spending managers.
Exclusive CEO Access
Position your brand in front of 400+ High Net Worth Individual (HNI) CEOs.
Women's Empowerment
Support and engage with 25,000+ influential women professionals.
Impactful Reach
Extend your brand's influence to over 1.5 lakh indirect beneficiaries of the IT community.
Regional Influence
Attract an audience from across South India, expanding your brand's regional reach.
Kerala's Largest Workforce
Partner with us to reach the largest working crowd in Kerala through our influential IT community media platform.

Embrace the Changing Dynamics

Technopark, once an exclusive IT hub, embarks on a transformative journey, opening
its doors to diverse businesses, from retail to real estate and banking.

This event signifies a significant shift, fostering innovation, breaking barriers, and
creating an inclusive environment where various businesses can thrive.

Sponsors Ready To Participate

Sponsors lead the transformative journey at Technopark, eagerly embracing the opportunity to challenge exclusivity and reshape collaboration. This event unites sponsors from retail, real estate, and banking sectors, offering a platform for innovation and expansion within Technopark’s thriving IT ecosystem.

Their unwavering commitment aims to foster inclusivity, eliminating barriers, and driving innovation to shape Technopark’s future.


Our 2021 Sponsors


Basic Sponsorship

Online and Offline Promotion at Technopar
Event Building Standee Brand Promotion
Event Day Promotional Activities
Brand Video Promotion on Technopark-Related Social Media Pages

Premium Sponsorship

Exclusive Technopark Promotion Opportunities(Online & Offline)
One-Month Brand Promotion on Digital Display Boards
Brand Recognition on Event Physical Standees
Extensive Brand Promotion on Alternative Lamp Posts
Prominent Big Banner Brand Publicity
Premium Event Day Stalls in Prime Locations
Exclusive Campaigns and Promotions
VIP Pass and Main Stage Felicitations

Standard Sponsorship

Online and Offline Promotion at Technopark
One-Week Brand Exposure on Digital Display Boards
Event Physical Standee Brand Promotion
Exclusive Event Day Stalls
Promotions During Event Day

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